VUUNA x Melanie

As part of new collections, VUUNA releases a few pieces (slow pieces) every year in collaboration with women with strong and authentic backgrounds, called Collab Launch.

The 2023 collab launch is VUUNA x Melanie.

Melanie Prusa is a photographer, interior & lifestyle blogger and creative head of the “niena and james” agency, which also has a photo studio in Vienna. She has been blogging about interior design and trends on Wiener Wohnsinn since 2010 and has been focusing more intensively on sustainability in fashion and furnishings for a few years now. The mother of three children lives with her husband in Klosterneuburg in a 100-year-old house surrounded by fruit trees.

In an interview she gives us personal and beautiful insights into being a woman, her style and the best €100 she spent recently.

How do you describe yourself as a woman?

I am a woman who stands with both feet in life. Who learned early to take care of herself. I am a caring mother and wife but at the same time someone who wants to fulfill myself.

What makes you proud as a woman?

That I taught my children good values and also showed them that you should stand up for yourself and your needs and fight for your goals. I am proud that I have implemented everything I have planned so far and am ready to develop further every day.

Who is a successful woman for you?

A successful woman is one who is in control of her life and is happy with what she does and does it with passion. Be it at work or when doing care work at home. A successful woman never loses faith in herself.

What motivates you? What inspires you? What drives you forward?

Colleagues from the industry inspire and motivate me to improve my skills and to grow beyond myself.
People who take a new path and do what others don't dare to do. Outside the box thinker.
My children push me forward. I want to show them that hard work pays off.

What are the 3 things to be happy?

Love, health, family.

How do you continue to develop?

At the beginning of the year I evaluate my work and look back at what I have achieved. I try to set new goals every year. Be it trying something new in my work that challenges me, or achieving something that I haven't been able to do before. I like to continue my education, for example with workshops to improve my skills. And get feedback from people I look up to.

Which 3 of your qualities would you take with you to an island?

I think the three can be put to good use on an island.

What are you proud of?

On what I have achieved on my own initiative. And to my children and what great people they have become. Independent, funny, smart girls who know what they want.

What can others learn from you?

  • Sometimes don't take everything too seriously.
  • My optimism. He has often helped me NOT to bury my head in the sand when things weren't going so well.
  • Making a virtue out of necessity.

So far, I have always found a new way when I didn't succeed at something.

What has become important to you lately?

To find time for myself and to take it consciously. To put the “I” in the foreground. When you are self-employed and a mother of three children at the same time, it can happen that you forget about yourself. And I usually only notice it when it's too late.

What are the best EUR 100 spent last year?

The cobbler's repair costs for my shoes, which I took out of the closet after years of gathering dust to wear at my civil wedding.

How do you describe your (fashion) style?

In a nutshell: sporty and elegant.
I like classic, comfortable cuts and colors that can be easily combined.
Items of clothing should last you for many years. That's why I mainly buy timeless pieces.

What should a woman have in her closet?

Another high waist pleated pants. A very versatile piece of clothing that works very well both sporty and elegant.
A classic white linen blouse.
A cozy knit sweater.
A well-fitting white t-shirt.
A black tank top.

What makes a woman beautiful?


What makes a woman stylish?

If the woman knows what suits her, which cuts flatter her. If the clothes are not too tight or too loose. If she wears good quality clothing.

What does handmade mean to you?

It has enormous value for me. When you know that a human sat there for hours making this piece.

What does sustainability mean to you?

not to live wastefully and to protect nature.

In relation to clothing:
When clothing is made from environmentally friendly and resource-saving materials. When the production of the clothing is paid fairly.
Investing in timeless, high-quality pieces is sustainable.
And second hand is also sustainable for me.

How does a VUUNA piece feel when worn?

Incredibly cuddly. Warming. Pleasant. You don't worry about whether it fits well because you know it fits well.