Material & Production


We strive to source and process high quality and sustainable materials. This means: the more natural the materials, the better the quality of the clothing is combined with a pleasant feeling when worn - soft, cuddly and skin-friendly.

This means that we pay close attention to the working conditions and processes of our suppliers.

Our wool yarns are produced gently and sustainably in South Africa. We only use mulesing-free raw wool.



We value people, the environment and quality - hand knitting allows us to combine all of these in a wonderful way.

The way we deal with time is very important. Instead of a hectic pace and wanting to have something new all the time, knitting decelerates. It takes time to make a jumper or cardigan. An experienced knitter works between 25 and 40 hours from start to finish to produce a high-quality piece.

Time equals money, they say. We want to escape this equation and strive instead for time equals quality and well-being. This means that we give our knitters enough time to create high-quality pieces. And it means that they knit at home or in their familiar surroundings. This creates a sense of well-being and free time management.

The end result is something to behold. Our products are made in an environmentally friendly way.

The production takes place in Serbia. The knitters are at the core of our production. We want to encourage their independence with this work. They should be able to earn money by doing what they love, what they are good at and which is part of their heritage. This also requires fair payment and the possibility of further development. We provide training and help them to organise themselves in independent groups or to develop longer-term perspectives.

Natural materials, processed by hand, by people who feel comfortable. A harmonious, natural process. That pleases and feels good.

Of course, the journey is a long one. We still have a lot to learn and adapt to. We are therefore always happy to receive suggestions for improvement!