VUUNA is the story

The afternoons in the shade of the tree, the sweet taste of the peaches in the garden of her beloved grandmother in southern Serbia; love, security, nature, quality: all these feelings and values awakened in Biljana Rachenzentner, founder and creative head of VUUNA, and still shape her today.

Later, her mother's atelier - she still feels it first-hand: the soft touch of the fabrics enjoying the natural materials lying in front of her, the pleasant atmosphere with the staff, and seeing the first lines of the outfit emerging in her mind.

Today, VUUNA is built upon these feelings, skills and values: creativity, natural materials and hand knitted fashion, combined with the desire for more sustainability and fairness.

VUUNA is a Viennese fashion label with Serbian roots. Biljana lives in Austria with her husband and their two daughters.

What is important to us?

Handicraft is deeply rooted in the values of VUUNA. Day after day, new, unique and qualitative pieces are created by hand. Every knitter leaves her ‘knitting imprint’ in a natural way - maybe not visible to us at all times, but it is present, nonetheless. This makes each piece unique. This is our way to make a small contribution to support this passionate craft and this beautiful tradition so it can continue to grow.

It goes hand in hand with showing respect for people. We find that respectful interactions breed the most fertile ground for the creation of valuable products. Time and money are important, but humanity is so much more.

Our environment is close to our hearts. This is why we are extensively engaged in learning new methods and processes to protect our planet a little more. With patience and perseverance, we are getting closer to our goal step by step. That makes us happy!

VUUNA women

Women are much more than just the icing on top of the cake. They can change the world! With intelligence, courage and strength, women of today are stepping out into life, taking their righteous place. These values were exemplified to Biljana by her mother and grandmother since her early childhood.

Today, we are proud to be able to accompany our VUUNA knitters on this path of self-determination. By working together, we want to give them the courage to stand their ground. Through their work, doors are opened and they are enabled to find ways towards a more independent and contented life.

VUUNA women know what they want and take what is rightfully theirs. They are style-conscious, modern women and each is unique in her own way. At VUUNA, it is important to us to accept every woman as she is. Dress size, body measurements and girth do not matter to us. After all, we believe that we are all perfect just as we are, and our imperfections are what make us beautiful.